Greta M. Grossman

An icon of mid-century design, Greta M. Grossman fell into obscurity after her retirement in the late 1960s. Thanks to GUBI reissuing a series of Grossman’s most celebrated and accomplished designs, she has rightfully reclaimed her place in the design hall of fame.


Emigrating from Sweden to California in 1940 and subsequently opening her own store on Rodeo Drive, Grossman is credited with bringing the Scandinavian aesthetic to America’s burgeoning mid-century design scene. Boasting a repertoire of iconic designs, her creations remain as timeless and popular as ever. Recipient of the Good Design Award and honoured with a place in the Museum of Modern Art’s permanent collection, Grossman's legacy is secured through her enduring work.

Despite being renowned predominantly for her contribution to furniture and lighting design, Grossman is also celebrated as an accomplished architect. Having designed more homes around the globe, her work is identified by her nuanced understanding of domestic spaces. Creating spaces based on how they interact with the user whilst utilising materials that are functional as well as beautiful, Greta Grossman’s architectural designs were ahead of their time and remain so today.

Products by Greta Grossman

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