Chiropractor Dr Jason Wersland's journey into percussive therapy began in 2007 after a motorcycle accident. Seeking something to help deal with his pain, Dr Wersland designed the Theragun to reduce muscle inflammation, release tension and break up knots.

Unable to find anything suitable currently on the market, Dr Wersland developed a Percussive Therapy solution, offering amplitude, frequency and torque to treat localised muscle pain. Reaching 60% deeper than other vibration devices on the market, the innovative device increases heat and blood flow, pushing out toxins and encouraging quick healing. Using all-natural therapy, Dr Wersland hopes to reduce medicated pain management for Therabody's clients, opting for a more holistic approach.

Therabody works with world-leading physical therapists, trainers, MIT engineers and scientists at every stage of product development. The brand has also launched an application and podcast to support its customers through their pain management programme. Winner of the New York Design Award, GQ Men's Fitness Award 2020, and A' Design Award 2019 among others, Therabody is a pioneer in wellness technology, offering innovative and accessible solutions that have a lasting impact.

Theragun Elite in Black

Therabody's percussive Theragun Elite in black is innovatively designed to relieve & recover sore muscles at home, providing a natural approach to pain management.

Each ergonomic device delivers up to 18 kilograms of depth, speed and force to your body, complete with five microbial attachments to cover several muscle groups. The gun boasts an increased battery life and decreased noise levels compared to the previous generation.

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